If you are a newbie blogger or a blogger who is still coping to get pageviews and money then this post is for you. As the title explains itself about the article, I am going to discuss the Top 10 Reasons why blogging is hard for you.

You are putting so much effort but you are not getting any remuneration from it. I can understand your pain as I have also gone through this. Most of the peoples are not comfortable doing blogging as time passed.

If you are very serious about blogging and want to make living from it then you need to spend a lot of time doing research about the topic before starting to write a blog post.

At the same time, you need to invest some money in your blog ( domain, hosting, themes, tools, etc. )

If you are dreaming to become a successful blogger someday then it will take some time. You need to be patient and consistent. Most of the peoples go crazy when they do not see results. Then they stopped doing it and say ” Blogging is very Hard “.

So, Here are the reasons why people think blogging hard and not their cup of tea. I also cover those silly mistakes.

Top 10 Reasons Why Blogging is Hard

1. Competition –

Nowadays, every single person is having a blog. You must know that a blog is being created every single second. That means around 1 lac blogs are coming up daily.

According to Statista “The number of bloggers in the United States is set to reach 31.7 million users in 2020.”

  • There are around 104 million bloggers ( with 500 million blogs ) in the world and the US bloggers are 30% of it.
  • The bloggers publish around 2 million blog posts daily.
  • By the time I have finished writing this article, around 1000+ new blogs will be ready to dive into the competition.
  • By the time you finish reading this article, this number will be in thousands.
  • There are thousands of blogs closed daily.

By these stats, you can have an idea about competition in the blogging zone. There are already established blogs that are ranking on top of Google and making tough for new bloggers to rank. Thatswhy People thinks Blogging is hard.

2. Interest

Most of the peoples jumps into blogging without having the proper knowledge. Their main motive of creating a blog is to make money from it. I do not see anything wrong in it but you must create a blog on topics that you are interested in.

Why? Its because if you are not interested in the topic then there are more chances of getting bored and you can lose your interest in that blog. That will result in a padlocked blog. That’s the reason most of the peoples quit blogging.

So, choose your blog niche or topic wisely according to your interest. Do not just create a blog on topics that you think gives you more views and money. Topic Selection is vital

You may get rewards for a shorter period of time but if you want your blog to remain active for longer then choose a topic of your interests and publish on time.

3. Blog Niche –

This plays a major role in the success of the blog. Almost every newbie blogger does a mistake in choosing a niche. Most of the peoples do not know about the “niche” thing and they start a blog and post about random topics.

The blogging is now a business and blog is considered as an asset. You cannot post about anything which is not related to your blog niche. ( P.S. I am not considering News Blogs Here )

For example, People post about tech articles, and on the same blog, they post about jokes and entertainment stuff.

If you are serious about blogging then you must choose a particular niche and stick with it. Do not post anything which is not related to your niche. If you do this, then you will lose your loyal viewers who expect content related to the topics they are interested in.

This is the possible reason that causes the peoples to say ” Blogging is Hard ” because they do not understand How Niche Selection plays an important role in blogging.

4. Keyword Research –

Keywords can make or break your blog. The newbie bloggers are the main victims of this Keyword Research thing.

Earlier, the number was higher because there were less information about keywords on the internet. But now there are a lot of youtube channels that are providing information regarding keywords research.

This helps new bloggers to understand how keyword works in the blog and how to do keyword research. You need to play smart in selecting keywords and placing it in your blogpost.

There are lot of tools available that make it easy to find keyword with less competition and that helps a new blog to rank for some particular keywords.

Despite of bunch of information, some bloggers finds it difficult to use keywords in their blogs and eventually lose their interest in blogging. The possible reason is they choose highly competitive niche where they find it very hard to survive.

Keywords can be the reason for them to say ” Blogging is Hard “.


5. Consistency

This is one of the top reasons why most blogs ( even established blogs ) loose traffic and revenue. I also made this mistake when I started blogging.

Sometimes, I used to post 5 or more posts a week and sometimes no post in the whole month. Most of the peoples are doing this mistake and as a result, they lose interest in blogging.

You must follow a strict schedule when it comes to publishing a blog post. If You can write one post in a week then it’s not a problem. Just stick with it and post with this routine.

That means you are publishing 4 posts a month and that is better than no post. You can always schedule your posts in advance. That way your posts will be published on the regular interval without hampering your other work.

Those who do not publish posts regularly on their blog face troubles in getting traffic. When they see less traffic on their blog, they get demotivated. They feel like quitting blogging and say Blogging is hard.

6. Patience and Persistence

You must have heard this phrase – “Patience is the key to Success”. If you are looking for Getting Rich instantly Scheme then blogging is not for you.

Blogging requires a lot of hard work and time. It may take several months or years. What new bloggers expect from a relatively new blog is Lot of Traffic and Money flowing to their account. This would not be possible unless you dig a goldmine.

I can feel the pain that you spend several hours writing a blog post and you only received 40 views in a week or even in a month. I know That’s kind of demotivating.

Now, You want success in blogging. You keep motivated yourself and wrote 50+ posts but when it comes to traffic you still get fewer views. What to do Now?

Well, this happens to every new blogger. This is the time to show some persistence and hang on with your blog. Let this difficult time to pass over. During this time, try to learn more and apply it to your blog.

But at this moment, most peoples think blogging is not for them because they are not getting either traffic or money. They make a decision to leave and hence say Blogging is Hard.

7. Uniqueness

This is the phrase that would make you outstanding in the row. You need to be unique.

What almost every person do – They just copy others style and want to be like them. I have seen peoples following the fashion trends of celebrities. They just want to look like their favorite celeb.

Bloggers follow the same trend. When they see something is trending, everyone dives into the sea and create more competition by posting the same thing on every single blog.

They provide the same information on their blog which is already available on thousands of sites. And the reader does not find anything interesting or unique on their blog.

So, they do not browse other articles on the blog and closes the blog. That results in a higher bounce rate. And the blog loses visitors.

If you are not providing value to your readers then they will never visit your blog. Be unique and provide useful information. You can add your own opinion about the topic or do research what other peoples are thinking about it.

Those who are just copying and pasting or presenting the same content just by altering words finds difficulty in getting traffic for the longer term. They may get a one-time visitor but that there are chances that the visitor would not return again on the blog.

Take the example of ” Weight loss”. This is the most searched seed keyword and it has several long-tail keywords.

Now, what happens? When a new blogger searches ” The most profitable blog niches “, they see a lot of sites stating “weight loss” is the most profitable niche. The blogger gets their eyeball rolled.

Without thinking a second they start a blog about “Weight loss” which is very vast. They try to compete with the giant blog businesses who are already taken all the commands.

If you want to blog about weight loss then dig deeper and search for keywords that are less competitive. You can try like this ” Weight loss exercise for busy moms ” . This has less competition but more searches.

This way you can become an authority blog because you are providing unique and useful information. You will get more views and shares. This will increase your revenue.

You can find long-tail keywords in every niche. Do not go for seed keyword as it is very much competitive.

So , those bloggers who just compete with bigger blogs for highly competitive keywords finds difficult to combat and they give up on blogging and say blogging is hard.

8. Investment of Money

By this, I do not mean that you have to buy a premium domain, hosting, or themes. If you have a tld domain only for your blog then it would work well. You can use free blogger hosting and free themes if you do not want to buy hosting and themes.

Domain- I have seen that peoples use to buy domains on cheap prices that involves some tricks. Please avoid doing this practice as this may shut your domain and you will lose it.

Buy domains from a good domain providing services like Godaddy, Namecheap, etc. Always look for coupons to get discounts on domains.

Hosting- Most bloggers especially new bloggers buy cheap hosting ( priced like $3 to $7 per year ) from unreliable hosting services. Most of the time these hosts shut down their services for various reasons.

I suggest you buy hosting from reputed hosting companies. I know the prices may be a little higher but you will get better service and support.

If you are planning to make blogging as a career then choose a better hosting service instead of a cheaper hosting service.

Themes- There are lot of free themes available and you do not need to buy premium theme if you are just starting a blog. You can buy a premium theme once you get your blog established.

Premium Courses- If you want success in blogging then you may buy some premium courses from the experts. This is not necessary as you can get basic and premium knowledge about blogging on various websites and youtube channels.

But sometimes, premium course turns to be handy in the blog success. But do not completely rely on these premium courses. Instead of this, I would recommend you to learn from free resources and try experiments on your blog.

Blogging Tools- Sometimes, you may feel the need of tools like keyword research tools. Even though there are free tools available but with some limitations.

You need to invest in this if you are very serious about blogging. Because these keyword tools ( ahrefs , semrush etc ) helps you to explore new less competitive keywords and spy your competitor’s websites.

It is always a smart move if you have access to these blogging tools. These tools will make keyword research more simple and do not eat your time and hard work.

Bloggers who do not invest money in the above blogging stuff face various issues. It may be losing a domain, shutting down or clumsy servers without customer support, do not know about new ideas and difficulty in finding easy ranking keywords.

When they see problems in exploring easy keywords, writing content, getting traffic, and no growth in revenue they started feeling like Blogging is Hard.

9. Bloggers do not join Communities

Many bloggers are not a part of any blogging community. And that hurts a lot. When you are a member of any community then you will find like-minded peoples who are willing to help you.

You will keep yourself updated with new trends and news about blogging. You can discuss a certain topic with other members of the community.

There are a lot of benefits of joining blogging communities like you may get –

  • your favorite theme or plugin for free from others,
  • backlinks building opportunities,
  • content ideas,
  • guest posting opportunities
  • comments to your blog
  • More Views to your blog
  • Other members can share your blog post with their friends and readers
  • and a lot more

Now , you must be thinking What Blogging Communities to Join ?

You can find Facebook groups related to blogging or you may join blogging forums. If you search on google then you will find a lot of blogging community sites where you can join for free.

Those who do not join any blogging community feels isolated and demotivated when they do not get expected results from their blog. This could be the cause they feel like blogging is not for them. Blogging is Hard

10. Do Not Read other Blogs –

Mostly new bloggers start a blog just because they want to make money through it. So, they just focus on publishing posts on their blog. They do not even bother about blogs related to their niche.

Instead of reading and commenting on other blogs, they spend time in promoting their own blogs on social media.

Take some time to read other people’s blogs and appreciate their work by commenting on the post or email them, if possible. By doing this, you are getting noticed by them and if they like your blog then there is a chance you might get a backlink, etc. on their blog.

When you comment on one blog then you are making your presence and other bloggers might check your blog and find your posts useful. As a result, you might get more comments and backlinks from other bloggers.

This also creates a kind of community where all the blogs related to similar niche help each other by commenting and sharing each other’s posts.

Some bloggers skip this step and they do not get benefits from related blogs community. They miss the opportunity of getting free traffic and backlinks. This makes their blogging more difficult.

And hence they complain that blogging is not easy . Blogging is Hard

Do you feel like Quit Blogging?

Do not leave. If you are not getting success but your heart is still in blogging then Stay here . Take a deep breath and look at the lapses you are making.

  • Are you writing about the topics you are interested in?
  • Check if the peoples are interested in the topics you are writing about.
  • Are you writing about topics that are under a highly competitive niche?
  • Are you promoting your blog on social media and other blogs?
  • Are you a member of blogging communities?
  • Are you interacting with other blogs related to your niche?
  • Are you doing research on forums like quora before writing your blog posts?
  • Is your writing style familiar to the readers?

If you are not getting any success in one niche then you can always try other topics and niches. But you must have an interest in it. Get some information about the topics and then make a plan.

Do not start a new blog straight away. Do the research and then start working on the blog. I am telling you a brief overview of the plan.

First, make a list of blogs related to that niche and then read the posts on those blogs. You will get the content idea. You need to plan for at least 20 posts in advance. You can start by choosing the topics.

Make a list of those topics and then do keyword research. After creating the list of keywords, you can start writing posts. Then publish your posts on regular interval of time .

So, these are few reasons why peoples find difficult times in blogging as they do not follow certain steps or actions. If you know any more then you can comment and let me know about it.